12 Skills in High Demand in 2022

 12 Skills in High Demand in 2022

The year 2022 will be a fantastic moment for digital marketing. If you're interested in improving your digital marketing abilities, this article will show 12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 you which knowledge and abilities will provide the most returns. The ability to promote a product or service is in High Demand, and you may use this to your advantage while searching for a job. You may earn a lot of money and show no fear by challenging the status quo. In this article, we'll go through the top digital marketing skills you must have mastered by 2022 to set yourself up for success.

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In Today's Article, we will talk about the 12 Skills in High Demand in 2022You may make yourself more attractive to prospective employers by highlighting the 12 talents listed below. Although these competencies are uncommon, they are essential to the smooth operation of most businesses.

12 Skills in High Demand in 2022
12 Skills in High Demand in 2022

In 2022, these will be the 12 Skills in High-Demand.

The skills listed here are all transferable across several career paths. As you read through this list, think about your career goals, past experiences, and the job descriptions of the roles you want, and see if any of these skills might help you get there.

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1: Project Management

12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Project Management
12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Project Management

Project management is a High-Level Skill that deals with planning and executing projects and meeting deadlines and budgets. As companies strive to deliver complex projects in hyper-competitive environments, the demand for skilled project managers is higher than ever. According to the Project Management Institute, the number of project management roles will increase by 33% by 2027, creating nearly 22 million new jobs for qualified project managers.

The skills you learn as a Project Manager can take your career anywhere from marketing to I.T., so there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to put in the work to learn. You can think of "Project Management" as an umbrella term for skills like leadership, communication, planning, adaptability, and organization. Many companies use an organizational structure where different departments, teams, or team members work on a singular product or project. A person skilled in coordinating efforts across those touchpoints is a professional in Project Management. These team members may have to keep track of schedules, organize budgets, and talk to people with a stake in the project.

 You'll find several roles in this career field. While your position might correspond to your seniority and level of experience, According to the PMI Salary Survey, these alternate job titles bring in the following median annual salaries:


  • $92,221 for a Project Management Specialist.
  • $120,000 for a Project Management Consultant.
  • $125,000 for a Program Manager.
  • $138,000 for the Portfolio Manager.
  • $144,000 for the Project Management Director.


2. Coding 

12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Coding
12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Coding

Jobs in the technology sector are appealing for several reasons. As the industry continues to grow, it offers a wide range of lucrative employment, many of which require Coding experience. Coding is an incredibly lucrative, practical, and versatile skill to develop for anyone considering a career in tech or looking to switch careers. Coding skills are in high demand in many jobs, not just for programmers.

Understanding the basics of Coding or being able to read code can boost your SEO skill set. Communicating with developers becomes congenial and pretty smooth with a good understanding of SEO techniques. This can help the SEO experts be better at writing and debugging schema. Also, learning new skills like Python and SQL can help marketers improve their SOE processes by letting them automate tasks like URL redirects and keyword research that take a lot of work.

Coding skills could be valuable to people working in information technology (I.T.), data analytics, design, marketing, business, engineering, and science, to mention a few. In fact, coding skills provide an avenue to high-income jobs because coding jobs pay better on average. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for a computer programmer was $89,190. However, Burning Glass Technologies Labor InsightsTM found the average computer programmer's salary to be approximately $79,000, accounting for entry-level computer programmer positions.

3: Photoshop

12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Photoshop
12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Photoshop

In a world of visual content, text and graphics are more important than ever. Knowing how to create stunning images for print, the web, or your presentation is valuable. Photoshop is an essential skill for anyone working or wanting to work in graphic design, creating content for social media or websites. The software has become the industry standard in creating and editing graphics and digital art.


Nowadays, many job positions in different industries can benefit from professionals with basic or proficient knowledge of Photoshop software. Graphic design can help you in various professions and make your work stand out. Thus, Photoshop skills are a huge plus to your resume if the job application asks for them.

 These Photoshop skills are always in High Demand:

  • Photo Editing

It's an essential skill that can bring out the best in an image and provide basic photo editing.

  • Vector tracing

It is the process of recreating an image within vector software. This tool is used to turn something drawn on paper into vector art, trace raster logos, trace a pattern or texture, and much more.

  • Typography

The art of making a suitable typeface is the skill that lets you create text that stands out and gets the reader's attention.

4: Search Engine Optimization

12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - SEO
12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - SEO

SEO is one of the most valuable and in-demand digital marketing skills in 2022. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes a website, page, content, or application to improve its visibility in search engines.

  • Google SEO is the most popular for Google because it's the biggest search engine. It's the practice of optimizing your content or website to rank near the top of search engines like Google and YouTube. If you have this skill, you are a desirable professional.
  • However, there is a growing demand for SEO specialists who understand how to optimize YouTube and Amazon searches. YouTube is the biggest video search engine in the world. At the same time, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce search engine.
  • The position of "SEO specialist" is considered to be entry-level.
  • If you progress into the SEO manager role, the average salary is $62,621 per year. SEO managers are responsible for leading a team of SEO specialists.
  • And finally, the highest-paid SEO position within a company is that of an SEO director. The average SEO director can make $84,315 per year, according to Glassdoor. An SEO director is responsible for the performance of the underlying SEO managers.
  • One way you can grow your income in the SEO industry is to take on clients. In short, small businesses will pay you to help them improve their rankings and increase their organic search traffic. People who make the most money in the SEO industry focus on the latter two options: client SEO and building websites.
  • You can then use your SEO skills to grow organic traffic. Once the traffic grows, you can monetize the website through ads, affiliate offers, or creating products.

 5: Facebook Ads

12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is still significant in many businesses' social media strategies. It's a high-demand skill in 2022. In the U.S., Facebook is the third most visited website, right behind Google and YouTube. They were the top-visited social media sites in 2021, a spot claimed since 2010. Facebook doesn't just drive a tonne of traffic; they also have the most users of any social media site. Facebook has an estimated 2.7 billion monthly active users worldwide. That's roughly two-thirds of the U.S. population. Compare this to the social app TikTok, which has one billion active users around the world at the moment.


The vast user base is a primary reason businesses are currently advertising on and will continue advertising on Facebook. We don't see that changing any time soon. In fact, BIA Advisory Services forecasts that in 2022, ad spending will reach $173 billion, with over half (51%) spent on digital media, primarily Google and Facebook. Facebook is massive. If you need a social media platform that reaches a broad audience, converts more customers, and generates new leads, Facebook ads are worth it.


Advertising on Facebook will continue to adapt as new ad formats emerge, privacy and data regulations loosen or constrict, its user base fluctuates, and social media trends come and go. The brands that have thrived are the ones that share high-quality, engaging content and advertisements. With the right expertise and strategy, Facebook ads can move the needle and produce the results companies are looking for.

6: Web Design

12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Web Design
12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Web Design

Web development is responsible for the availability of content and web applications on the Internet. Today, the most valuable companies are in tech. They changed our whole economy and influenced our society dramatically. People who are good at web development will also know about search engine optimization (SEO). This is so they can design and program websites that meet the needs of businesses. Web development combines the basics of software development and user experience. It uses the technical parts of software development and the design parts of user experience. Even though we are becoming increasingly dependent on the Internet, this does not mean there will be less need for web developers.


Web developers are the ones who build and maintain the websites you visit every day (like this one). They determine the aesthetic of a website and decide how it will function. To become a web developer, you'll need to be well-versed in several programming languages (like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, for starters). The BLS indicates the median salary for a web developer is slightly lower than that of a computer programmer, coming in at around $77,000.

7: Copy Writing

12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Copy Writing
12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - CopyWriting

Copywriting has always had an essential role in the business world. Yet, as the Internet has become more popular and all businesses have become publishers in some way or another, the need for copywriters has grown.

Every business nowadays requires a blog post every now and then, an industry white paper, or someone to send out a promotional email once per week. Developing top-notch writing skills takes time and effort, and if you have no writing portfolio or resume to show for yourself, you might find it difficult to find writing work.

Copywriting isn't a well-known type of work outside of the marketing/advertising world, but everyone knows how vital this skill is within the industry. (And the best copywriters can make millions through a commission or a set percentage of sales agreed upon upfront.)

If you intend to become a good copywriter, then besides writing grammatically, you should also focus on mastering techniques of "brand recall" and learn to evoke responses from people. A good copywriter is expected to better understand the human psychology behind every buying decision, write compelling ad copy and come up with catchy jingles for brands. Yet, despite that, I consider copywriting another highly sought-after skill in today's world (but one that not everyone can master).

8: Public Speaking

12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Public Speaking
12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Public Speaking

Candidates with strong public speaking skills are in demand for the many occupations that require the ability to speak to a group. Employers value people who can talk well and are well-prepared. These skills can even help you get leadership positions and other vital roles. The art of public speaking comes into play in many places. It's essential in delivering speeches and public talks, professional presentations, training events, and motivational speaking. Consultants, training managers, clergy, sales representatives, and teachers, for example, all have a reason to speak in front of others.

 Having clear articulation, engaging people, communication skills, and mastering body language are all aspects of All these skills are crucial to anyone hoping to succeed in both the personal and business world. Thus, if you want to add something to your skill set that will improve all aspects of your life, from company to romance, consider learning public speaking.

9: Excel Knowledge

12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Excel Knowledge
12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Excel Knowledge

MS Excel is one of the most in-demand skills in any industry. Even today, it retains its appeal, and its popularity is growing daily! Excel skills are essential for advancing in any professional field.

Developing Excel skills is an effective way to analyze data like a professional. There are numerous compelling reasons to learn Excel! Excel skills can be helpful for a wide range of jobs, not just data analysts. Marketing, sales, human resources, accounting, administrative assistants, and so on!

Whether you want to be a data analyst in the future, learn a new skill to use at work, or make your household budget run like clockwork, learning to analyze data in Excel with Excel formulas and tools will make your life more efficient. Excel skills are still in high demand and are widely used in the job market. You should consider getting a certificate to demonstrate your skill level. Recent studies show that 82 percent of jobs require Excel skills and/or experience with productivity software. Certified Excel skills can, on average, increase your earning potential.

10: UX Design

12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - UX Design
12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - UX Design

The increasing number of new websites and apps results in a rapid demand for user experience designers. User Experience is a rapidly growing field, perfect for people with advanced degrees. It requires a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research. Most degree holders have some entry point, but it's an especially great choice for grads with social science and humanities degrees.


A UX designer, or user experience designer, focuses on how a user will interact with a website's or app's interface. We've all visited a website that made us feel like we had to jump through hoops or answer elaborate riddles just to find a simple answer. A UX designer's job is to avoid that situation at all costs. They ensure that navigating an app feels logical, smooth, and accessible. They try to anticipate a user's questions and ideas before they even have them.


UI/UX design involves thorough research and understanding of the target audience to create meaningful and easy-to-use digital products. Leave those tasks to professionals, but a master at least the basics of UI/UX design to keep the conversation going with professionals. Most marketing strategies are based on digital products like landings, websites, mobile apps, and social media. For non-UI and UX designers, it's vital to keep up with the latest U.I. and UX design trends and be able to convey your thoughts and ideas to professionals in this field.


UX designers have solid earning potential. According to the BLS, in 2020, the median national salary for a UX designer was $77,200. UX designers make an average of $98,816 in the U.S. UX Managers make $125,712, while UX Directors make $166,940. Who said you wouldn't be able to use that anthropology degree? UX is the perfect place for it.

11: Social Media Marketing

12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Social Media Marketing
12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - Social Media Marketing

Demand for social media marketing is soaring across the country, and the need for social media skills is growing exponentially. If a brand doesn't exist on social media today, it will likely fall behind and lose out to competitors.

Companies have understood the benefits of using cost-effective, local internet marketing tactics on social media sites. Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tick Tock, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn are all helping companies communicate directly with their core consumer base, attract new customers, and build long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Every single platform has its own organic or free strategies as well as paid or online advertising strategies, and every single one will involve either text-based, image-based, or video-based content, which involves content marketing, video marketing, and all kinds of other complications. So here, my search tactics appeared. In this case, I decided to go right to the source, LinkedIn.

After all, I figured it is one of the most prominent social media players but also has a mass of requirements and highly involved pretty good gestures and ideas that people might search for when it comes to digital marketing skills and digital marketing vacations, jobs, or anything like that. LinkedIn did not disappoint. Graduates are being hired quickly; studies show that social media and other digital marketing roles have grown 30 percent faster than overall marketing postings in recent years. 

12: App Development

12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - App Development
12 Skills in High Demand in 2022 - App Development

In the world of developers, there are thousands of different ways to specialize. "App developer" is one job title that's gaining traction and something more and more people are beginning to pursue and seek jobs for. Although app development is already a specialized title, there are still several more types of app development jobs to choose from.

Mobile app developer: This is often synonymous with "app developer," but it can provide clarification. These developers work with Android, iOS, or other mobile operating systems. You can specialize even further by O.S. in your job title, such as "Android developer."

Desktop application developers are like mobile app developers but work with desktop computer OSes like Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. Also, like mobile devs, you can specialize, such as a "Windows developer."

Web app developers: These people work on web applications delivered from a web server to a browser, such as emails, forms, and browser-based tools like word processors.

This job focuses on developing cross-platform web applications designed to act and feel like apps. Hybrid apps are written in web languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

App developers focus on developing a program that helps an end-user do something. App development is pretty high in demand, and you can find many job listings seeking some sort of application developer. Despite more and more people piling into the tech industry, there's plenty of demand. The median pay for software developers is $110,000/yr, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor.

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