Google AdSense New Ad Format: Side Rail Ads

Google AdSense New Ad Format: Side Rail Ads

In This Article, We will talk about the Google Adsense New Ad Format which is Side Rail Ads. When a customer views your website on a widescreen device, like a desktop computer, side rail ads are stuck to the sides of the page.

Google penned, "We're introducing side rails today, a brand-new ad type." Ads known as "side rails" appear on the sides of your sites when viewed on widescreen devices like desktops.

After December 13, 2022, side rails will automatically start to appear on your website for those who have already enabled anchor ads, according to Google.

Want no side rail advertisements? Then, under the AdSense console's Auto Advertising settings, you can disable this option:

Google AdSense New Ad Format: Side Rail Ads

How do apply for Side Rail Ads?

  • Step 01: Go to Adsense.
  • Step 02: Open the Auto Ads Setting.
  • Step 03: Turn on the Option of Side Rail Ad.
When side rail ads come then they will auto-publish on your site.

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